M. Brosious

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year

                                                    COURSE EXPECTATIONS

                                         Honors Geometry, Algebra 1, Math2, Math3




a)  Pencil is preferred.  Blue or black pen is okay.  NO colored pens/pencils. 

b)  Students must purchase a 3-ring binder with dividers and notebook paper to be used only in their math class.  Please have this by Monday, September 12, 2016, if possible. 

c)  Math Binder, Notebook paper, Textbook if applicable, Chromebook, Assignment, Calculator(TI-30xIIS), Highlighter, Ruler or straight edge




 A)  Homework - most generally given every night and graded every day.  Show all work used in solving the problem.   Circle the final answer.  Every problem must be tried for credit.  NO WORK = NO CREDIT!!!!  Late homework is not accepted.  Homework is worth 5 points for each night assigned.


B)  Tests -given at the end of every chapter.  Tests will always be cumulative, including anything learned from the beginning of the year.  Tests are worth 100 points each.  A comprehensive final exam will be given.  Schedule to be determined.


C)  Quizzes - Given periodically throughout the chapter.  May be unannounced.  Quizzes are worth 10 to 50 points each.


D)  Notebook - Students must purchase a notebook to neatly copy daily notes and  examples from the board.  Notebooks will be graded periodically throughout the marking period.  Notebooks are worth approximately 50 to 60 points per marking period.


E)  Other – There will be other in class or out of class projects or assignments throughout the year that will factor into your grade.



 A syllabus will be handed out on the first day of each week listing the assignments for the week and upcoming tests/quizzes.


a)  Student’s responsibility to get missed homework when absent.

b)  If out of class for a school function, you must have your homework completed as if you were in class.

c)  If absent the day before a test, you will take the test with the class the day it is given.

d)  If absent the day a test is given, you will take the test the first day you return to school.

e)  If absent, you are responsible for copying notes missed.

f)  You will get one make-up day for each day absent.  It is the student’s responsibility to see me for missed work.  I will NOT chase students for missing assignments.


**Because it is important to be in class to learn, hall/lav passes will be issued for emergencies only at the end of the period.  I ask that you do not leave my room more than 4 times per marking period for any reason.  Each marking period, you will receive a hall/lav pass for use in my room.  If you do not have your hall/lav pass with you, do not ask to leave the room.


1.  NO cell phones are permitted in this classroom. (Unless given permission by Mrs. Brosious)

2.  Follow directions the first time they are given.

3.  Come to class prepared. (pencil, notebook, textbook, assignment, calculator, etc.) 

4.  No one should be speaking when the teacher is speaking.

5.  Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak in class.

6.  Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

7.  Enter and exit rooms quietly, politely and before the late bell rings.

8.  Profanity or inappropriate language is absolutely prohibited.

9.  Absolutely NO food, drinks, candy or gum are permitted in the classroom, unless authorized by the teacher. 

10.  Hall/lav passes will be issued for emergencies only at the end of the period.  Students may not leave the room for any reason without his/her pass.

11.  Rules listed in the handbook also apply.



The consequences that are issued could be, but are not limited to, one of the following:


1)  Warning/Detained after class to discuss problem

2)  Contact parent

3)  Office referral

4)  Any severe disruption will be referred directly to the principal.



First tardy =  Warning/Detained after class to discuss problem

Second tardy = Contact parent

Third tardy and more = Office referral


***Keep your textbook covered and in good condition.  Replacement value for a lost or damaged book will be approximately $74.00.