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Think Big - Virtual Prom

posted May 12, 2020, 5:43 AM by
The #ThinkBIGVirtualProm will be an online prom production that will air on social media on Wednesday May 27th at 7:00 PM. For this event, we are encouraging students to get dressed up as if they were going to the real prom. As they are watching the production, which will be filled with entertainment from DJ’s and local musicians, students should create Zoom and Google Hangout meetings to dance and interact with their peers. They will be posting their pictures to Instagram, their dance moves to TikTok, and using Snapchat filters, all while using the #ThinkBIGVirtualProm hashtag.

How Do Students Get Involved:
1. Buy a Ticket To The Prom: Buying a $5 ticket to the prom enables students to be eligible for several $100 gift cards to places like Amazon, Knoebels, Dunkin Donuts, TicketMaster, and Sheetz. Student do not need to buy a ticket to the prom in order to watch the production and participate.
2. Register as a Fundraiser for Their District: By registering as a fundraiser, students can help their respective districts “win” the #ThinkBIGVirtualProm. Students will be able to create their own unique fundraising page that they can send to friends and family members asking them to donate to ThinkBIG. By registering as a fundraiser for their respective district, they will get a unique fundraising link that will credit all solicited donations to their unique page, and to their district’s page. The top fundraising districts will receive monetary prizes that will be put towards their school’s prom next year. Additionally, the top individual fundraisers across all districts will be crowned the #ThinkBIGVirtualProm King and Queen, and win a $500 Amazon gift card. The website is always live, so students can visit the site at any time to see what districts and what individuals are in the lead.

How Do Teachers Get Involved:
1. The students involved in this initial planning commented how much they miss their teachers and want them to be involved with this production. Teachers should also follow the ThinkBIG Facebook page and Instagram page and tune into the production. During the production, teachers will be encouraged to post their dance moves or their throwback prom pictures, while using the hashtags #ThinkBIGVirtualProm and #ThinkBIGVirtualPromChaperone. If allowed, please reach out to your district about posting these videos and images to the district’s Facebook page to allow for students to easily view them.