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Softball Player Practice Corner

There are multiple parts of Shikellamy Softball seasons . This page will help you understand the agenda of the program. 
Our coaches believe that success is not what you do on the field but the preparation to play on the field. 

John O Long Softball Field

Shikellamy High School


Conference Center

Preseason Non Mandatory Starts 
Mandatory Practice Begins
Off Season - Open Gym November to December (Jr/Sr High)

All Locations are mapped on left. 

Pre Season & Season Practice Times and Locations

Favorable Weather Conditions
Location- Practices will be held at the John O Long field. 
Day - Monday to Saturday 
Time - 4:30pm - 6:30pm Monday to Friday 
            8am - 9:30am Saturday

Bad Weather conditions - 
Only if conditions are not favorable to be outside. (Coach will contact players)
TBA - Schedule will change for 2019 

Monday's @ High School Gym 

Tuesday's @ ASA Training Center 

Wednesday @ ASA Training Center 

Thursday @ ASA Training Center  

Friday @ ASA Training Center or High School Gym  

Saturday @ To Be Announced 8am to 9:30am

Off Season & Open Gym 
Tuesday & Thursday 
4:30pm to 6pm 
Location - ASA Training Center  
Focus : Batting Mechanics , Bat Speed, Conditioning 

Weight Training
November - December 

Speed & Agility 
Jan - March

Mandatory High School Season 
March - June 

Non Mandatory games may be played at indoor facilities 
Jan To Feb