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Sounds of Champions Program

“Sounds Of Champions”

Tournament of Bands Competition


September 28, 2019

1:00 PM

Shikellamy High School Stadium




Schedule of Appearance


1:00 – Warrior Run - Group I F


1:15 – North Schuylkill – Group I A


1:30 – Mount Union – Group II A


1:45 – Southern Tioga – Group II A


2:00 – Intermission


2:15 – Loyalsock Township – Group II Open


2:30 – Williamsport – Group II Open


2:45 – Lake Lehman – Group 1 Open


3:00 – Shikelllamy (Exhibition)


3:15 – Awards




Defender’s Marching Band Announcement



Good Evening! You’re listening to 201.9 WRMB. We’re so glad that you joined us tonight because we have some of your favorite hits lined up. Buckle up because it’s going to be a fun ride.



Led onto the field by Drum Major Paige Hubbell, the 2019 Warrior Run Marching Defenders are proud to present their field show “Scanning the Decades”. Jump in your car with us and let’s search for some tunes. We’ll hit the scan button and see what we can find.


The first song we will come across topped the charts in the 70s made popular by Blue Swede: “Hooked on a Feeling”. After hitting the scan button once more we come across a hit performed by N*SYNC: “Bye Bye Bye”. Our final song before the end of our car ride is “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” originally performed by The Police. This song features a trumpet duet performed by Zach Feerrar and Sarah Cotner. 


The Marching Defenders are under the direction of Ms. Taylor Rhodes, assisted by Mr. Ryan Czekaj, and color guard instructor Mrs. Nancy Mathna. This year’s staff also includes Mr. Jonathan Moser, instructor of percussion.


The Marching Defenders would like to thank the Warrior Run Band Parent Association and the Warrior Run School District for all of their support.










Instructional Staff:


William Lennox, Band Director

Justene Frushon, Assistant Band Director

Sarah Antanavage, Colorguard Caption Head

Michael Ryan, Percussion Caption Head, Percussion Arranger

Brenna Hoffman, Instructional Staff

Ed Pavalko, Physical Trainer

Ian Flint, Drill Design

Ryan Williams, Music Arranger


Student Leadership:


President: Jake Hepler

Vice President: Zach Piampi

Secretary: Brooke Powis

Treasurer: Kris Fetterman

Historian: Eden Frantz

  Librarians: Regan Campbell, Caileigh Kaminski           



Mount Union Area High School



THE                             ROAD


A Musical Fantasy on “Abbey Road”

50 years ago, the Beatles recorded their final musical endeavor. Even though “Let it Be” was released after Abbey Road, it was not the final album. Enjoy our show which will relive the magic of the entire album in under 10 minutes!

Student Leadership

Camilla Whitesel – Drum Major

 Kaytlyn Weaver – Commanding Officer


Richard Kane, Susan Bernheim, Sarah Horner, Mark Morningstar, Shawn Campopiano



Our show is dedicated to the memory of

George Wenrich


 The North Schuylkill Marching Band Presents:

"The Tortoise And The Hare"

 Instructional Staff:


William Lennox, Band Director

Justene Frushon, Assistant Band Director

Sarah Antanavage, Colorguard Caption Head

Michael Ryan, Percussion Caption Head, Percussion Arranger

Brenna Hoffman, Instructional Staff

Ed Pavalko, Physical Trainer

Ian Flint, Drill Design

Ryan Williams, Music Arranger


Student Leadership:


President: Jake Hepler

Vice President: Zach Piampi

Secretary: Brooke Powis

Treasurer: Kris Fetterman

Historian: Eden Frantz

  Librarians: Regan Campbell, Caileigh Kaminski           









Southern Tioga Marching Band - Fall 2019 Field Show

After 6 years without a field show, THE SOUTHERN TIOGA

MARCHING BAND IS BACK! The Southern Tioga Marching Band is proud to present their fall 2019 program, “The Greatest Show” featuring music from the hit movie “The Greatest Showman”, arranged by Jay Bocook. The Band is led onto the field by Drum Majors Naomi Ruth and Haley Ridge. Percussion Captain is Cooper

Broughton, Seniors include Xavier Tyson, Katie Coole, Eion Hicks-

Lee, Maddie Keck, Hillary Fernandes and Xavier Tyson. Trumpet Soloist is Amy Feaster.The Band is under the direction of Mr. Jon Ruth, assisted by Ms. Sarah Thomas and Ms. Carol Ann McCloy. Percussion instruction and arrangement by Mr. Chris Medycki. Drill Design is by Ms.

Sarah Thomas. The band would like to thank the Southern Tioga

School District, Superintendent Mr. Sam Rotella, and the administration and school board for their support in initiating this new program in our district.




Loyalsock Township High School Lancer Marching Band  


Loyalsock Township High School is proud to present the 2019 edition of the Lancer         Marching Band.  The Lancer Band is celebrating its fifty-eighth year of providing  musical            entertainment to the  Williamsport area community and beyond.                         



The Lancer Marching Band’s 2019 field show is entitled Heart of the Machine. Join us as  we       journey through an industrial revolution to find our      heart.  Our repertoire selections include       “Over The Rainbow”   from The Wizard of Oz by Harold Arlen, “Love Lockdown”  by Kanye West, and original works for marching band by award-winning film composer, Jeremy     Leidhecker.  Our chief musical designer is Jeremy Leidhecker, with         percussion writing by Grant   Butters and Dani Suomela.  Our chief visual  designer is Duane DeWire, with additional visual design by Phill Haney  and guard design by Michelle Carpenter, Megan Hepler, and          Brandon Givens.        


The Lancer Marching  Band is under the field direction of sophomore Drum Major          

John Nickolaus.  Senior members include Kaleb Badger, Alex Bartley, Paige Bailey, Gillian Buckman, Harrison Frear, Evelyn Griffith, Connor Gross, Ryder Haines, Emily Huskin, David     Hutchinson, Collin Porter, and Cameron Temple.                


The Lancer Marching Band is under the direction of Mr. Ryan Bulgarelli.  Additional staff includes Michelle Carpenter,  Amanda Coughenour, Phill Haney, Duane DeWire, David Tini,     Emily Brumbaugh, Dani Suomela, Russell Greene, Megan Hepler, Annie Byham, and Bobby         and Aegina Leidhecker.    


The Lancer Marching  Band would like to thank the Loyalsock Township School District, Band     Boosters Association, School Board, Administration, Faculty, and Staff for their continued          support of the arts at  Loyalsock Township.                          



The Williamsport Area High School

Marching Millionaires

are proud to present their 2019 program:


The Sound of Silence


Beethoven’s pain and struggle: the diminishing hope that his hearing will improve, a feeling of growing isolation, and then: his commitment to his art, his relentless “Ode to Joy” that ultimately saves his life.



Design and Instructional Staff includes: Todd Kendall, Laura Garside, Marc Garside,  Jeff Smith, Jill Reamsnyder, Donna Rearick, Ben Chaffee, Zach Nash, Brittany Naculich, Rebekah Reamsnyder, Theresa Kendall, Devon Welker, & Margaret Rintelman.


Special thanks go to the Williamsport Area High School Band Association, Teachers, Administrators, School Board Members, and the many Alumni and Fans who give these students unending support!  Go Millionaires!  The Marching Millionaires are 39 time Regional Tournament of Bands Champions.


And now, please welcome the 2019 Williamsport Marching Millionaires!



The 2019 Lake-Lehman Black Knights Marching Band is proud to present their 2019 production entitled “A-Maze-Ing,” with music by Andrew Yozviak and George Clements.

Part I - Into the Maze

Dating back to the 13th century, mazes feature intricate passages where the as the solver, you must make choices of path and direction to find a successful route to the final goal.  As you begin, the maze seems exciting and you are full of energy. As the twists and turns may lead to dead ends, you continue to press forward, knowing you are mentally and physically fit to accomplish the path ahead.

Part II - Searching Within

With wrong turns and dead ends leading you back into the heart of the maze, layers of confidence and energy slowly tear away.  You fear you may not find the clear path to get out of the maze.  You must dig deep inside to find the strength you need or be alone and lost in the Maze.

Part III - The A-maze-ing Light Ahead

As you are about to give up hope, you find others on the same journey.  With renewed energy from one another, you push forward. Finally, there is light at the end of the maze.  The path out becomes clear, ending your journey despite the trials and tribulations you have endured. You have conquered The Maze!


The band extends sincere appreciation to the Lake-Lehman School District and Lake-Lehman High School administration, board of directors, band sponsors, and members of the community for their continued support of the music program.


The band is under the direction of Ms. Cheryl Kulikowski, Visual Coordinator and Colorguard Design, Mr. Brian Bacon, Assistant Director and Percussion Instructor, Mr. Brian Doran, Percussion Instructor, Mr. Joseph Demace, Colorguard Instructors, Ms. Kim Bronson and Ms. Ali Sankey, and Visual Tech, Mr. Pat Stanley.

And now, presenting the Lake-Lehman High School Marching Band!   




The Shikellamy Marching Braves



“Scenes From An Italian Restaurant”

   The smell of the fresh bread, the home-made meatballs and pasta that is as good as your Nana’s at the family dinners on Sundays. Stomachs always leave full and faces complete with a satisfied smile. Love is in the air and in the sauce. Come with us as the Shikellamy Marching Braves open the door to their 2019 production “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant. “ 

Scene One: The Food
Fresh Italian Bread and Meatballs over Pasta
The smells bring you in and the taste keeps you coming back 

Scene Two: The Glance
When two people steal glances from across the candle lit dining room magic happens.

Scene Three: The Memories
   From the trips to New Orleans to the trips back to the eatery where it began, all of these take you back to the memories that have spanned a lifetime. So sit back, take a sip and relive them all over again at our Italian restaurant.

   Musical Selections include the traditional dance “Tarantella" and Billy Joel’s "Scenes from and Italian Restaurant”

   The 2019 Shikellamy Marching Braves Staff consists of Scott M. Carey – Director, Music Arranger and Drill Designer.  Brian Bacon – Color Guard Coordinator and Visual Coordinator.  Shane Bender – Brass and Visual Instructor.  Katie Ericson – Percussion Instructor.  Amanda Lebo – Visual Coordinator.  .  Ryan Miller – Brass and Visual Instructor and Amy Rhinard – Woodwind Instructor and Alicia Whilby – Guard Instructor.


   We would like to thank the administration of the Shikellamy School District for their continued support and especially the Shikellamy Band Association for all of their time, effort and creativity in keeping the music alive for our kids!  We could not do it without you!  We hope you enjoy this evening’s performance.


   And now, under the direction of Drum Major Emily Engleman, we present the 2019 Shikellamy Marching Braves!