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Sounds Of The Valley Cavalcade Competition Program

“Sounds Of

The Valley”

Cavalcade Of Bands Competition


September 28, 2019

6:30 PM

Shikellamy High School Stadium




Schedule of Appearance


6:30 – Mount Union – Freedom Class


6:45 – North Schuylkill – Independence Class


7:00 – Mifflinburg – Independence Class


7:30 – Pittston – American Class


7:45 – Loyalsock Township – American Class


8:00 – Shikelllamy (Exhibition)


8:15 – Awards





Mount Union Area High School



THE                             ROAD



A Musical Fantasy on “Abbey Road”

50 years ago, the Beatles recorded their final musical endeavor. Even though “Let it Be” was released after Abbey Road, it was not the final album. Enjoy our show which will relive the magic of the entire album in under 10 minutes!

Student Leadership

Camilla Whitesel – Drum Major

 Kaytlyn Weaver – Commanding Officer


Richard Kane, Susan Bernheim, Sarah Horner, Mark Morningstar, Shawn Campopiano



Our show is dedicated to the memory of

George Wenrich


 The North Schuylkill Band Presents

"The Tortoise And The Hare"




Instructional Staff:


William Lennox, Band Director

Justene Frushon, Assistant Band Director

Sarah Antanavage, Colorguard Caption Head

Michael Ryan, Percussion Caption Head, Percussion Arranger

Brenna Hoffman, Instructional Staff

Ed Pavalko, Physical Trainer

Ian Flint, Drill Design

Ryan Williams, Music Arranger


Student Leadership:


President: Jake Hepler

Vice President: Zach Piampi

Secretary: Brooke Powis

Treasurer: Kris Fetterman

Historian: Eden Frantz

  Librarians: Regan Campbell, Caileigh Kaminski           




“Timeless Love”


The Mifflinburg Area Marching Wildcats’ 2019 fall show, “Timeless Love” features love songs from several genres that all speak to the nature of love.  The show opens with Elvis’ famous ballad about love’s inevitability, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”.  Next comes “Habanera” from the opera Carmen which describes love as being fickle and fleeting. The next piece takes a look at love from a parent’s point of view. Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” tells of a parent meeting a child for the first time, and recognizes that moment as the moment we truly learn the meaning of love. The show then concludes with the modern jazz hit “Everything” by Michael Bublé which emphasizes love as being the true meaning of our lives.


The marching band is led by Drum Major Taylor Williams and Assistant Drum Major - Robert Swartzlander.

Band Officers are: President – Christopher Rapson; Vice President –Amanda Reid; Secretary/Treasurer –Benjamin Heintzelman; Historian -Taylor Williams; Senior Representative -Austin Catherman; Junior Representative – Robert Swartzlander; Sophomore Representative –Josh Hauck; and Color Guard Representative – Nicole Maxfield


The Marching Area Wildcats’ staff includes: Director – Matthew Labar, Assistant Directors – Kelsey Hurst, Debra Rapson, Patricia Wagner, and Matthew Wells; Color Guard Instructors – Lori Rodichok and Andrea Kelly; Brass Instructor – Ryan Fitch; Percussion Instructor – Hayden Stacki.  The drill was designed by Justin McAdams. 


All wind and percussion arrangements are done by Jay Dawson, Richard Saucedo, and Jay Bocook.


The Marching Wildcats thank the Mifflinburg Area Band Boosters for their enthusiastic support.  We also thank the Board and Administration of our school district, as well as the businesses and individuals of the surrounding communities for their continued generous support.





Pittston Area Marching Patriots

The Pittston Area School District is proud to present the 2019 edition of the Pittston Area Marching Patriots, under the direction of Mr. Adam Burdett.  This year’s show, Rock Star, features music from some of the greatest bands and musicians of the rock idiom of all-time.

The Marching Patriots will be performing the music of Queen, Kiss, Led Zeppelin and Ozzy Ozbourne with a crowd-pleasing, energetic presentation.  The Marching Patriots invite everyone to sing and clap along if the mood should strike them and be a part of this entertaining program.

Instructional staff for the Marching Patriots include:

Adam Burdett             Band Director and Drill Design

Laurie Burdett             Assistant Band Director

Dr. Bryan Burnham     Assistant Band Director and Music/Marching Instructor

Wendi Neumann        Assistant Band Director and Color Guard Design and Instruction

Bob Lugiano                Wind Arranger

Ryan Reed                   Percussion Arranger

Dr. Mark Metz            Visual Consultant and Instructor

MaryAnn Lugiano       Wind Instructor

Krysta Moyer              Front Ensemble Instructor

David West                 Battery Instructor

Harlow Alexander       Music and Marching Instructor


The Marching Patriots would like to thank Superintendent Kevin Booth, as well as High School Principals Dr. John Haas and Chris Lazevnick for their continued support of music education and the marching band program at Pittston Area. 


Additionally, the Marching Patriots would like to thank the Pittston Area Band Boosters for everything they do for all members of the Marching Patriots. 


The Pittston Area Marching Patriots have a long history of success spanning several decades, and would like to dedicate this years performance, as we do each and every season, to everyone who has ever put on the Marching Patriot uniform.  We would not be who we are today had it not been for those who laid the foundation before us,  for future years to come. 








Loyalsock Township High School Lancer Marching Band  


Loyalsock Township High School is proud to present the 2019 edition of the Lancer         Marching Band.  The Lancer Band is celebrating its fifty-eighth year of providing  musical            entertainment to the  Williamsport area community and beyond.                         



The Lancer Marching Band’s 2019 field show is entitled Heart of the Machine. Join us as  we       journey through an industrial revolution to find our      heart.  Our repertoire selections include       “Over The Rainbow”   from The Wizard of Oz by Harold Arlen, “Love Lockdown”  by Kanye West, and original works for marching band by award-winning film composer, Jeremy     Leidhecker.  Our chief musical designer is Jeremy Leidhecker, with         percussion writing by Grant   Butters and Dani Suomela.  Our chief visual  designer is Duane DeWire, with additional visual design by Phill Haney  and guard design by Michelle Carpenter, Megan Hepler, and          Brandon Givens.        


The Lancer Marching  Band is under the field direction of sophomore Drum Major          

John Nickolaus.  Senior members include Kaleb Badger, Alex Bartley, Paige Bailey, Gillian Buckman, Harrison Frear, Evelyn Griffith, Connor Gross, Ryder Haines, Emily Huskin, David     Hutchinson, Collin Porter, and Cameron Temple.                


The Lancer Marching Band is under the direction of Mr. Ryan Bulgarelli.  Additional staff includes Michelle Carpenter,  Amanda Coughenour, Phill Haney, Duane DeWire, David Tini,     Emily Brumbaugh, Dani Suomela, Russell Greene, Megan Hepler, Annie Byham, and Bobby         and Aegina Leidhecker.    


The Lancer Marching  Band would like to thank the Loyalsock Township School District, Band     Boosters Association, School Board, Administration, Faculty, and Staff for their continued          support of the arts at  Loyalsock Township.              


The Shikellamy Marching Braves



“Scenes From An Italian Restaurant”

   The smell of the fresh bread, the home-made meatballs and pasta that is as good as your Nana’s at the family dinners on Sundays. Stomachs always leave full and faces complete with a satisfied smile. Love is in the air and in the sauce. Come with us as the Shikellamy Marching Braves open the door to their 2019 production “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant. “ 

Scene One: The Food
Fresh Italian Bread and Meatballs over Pasta
The smells bring you in and the taste keeps you coming back 

Scene Two: The Glance
When two people steal glances from across the candle lit dining room magic happens.

Scene Three: The Memories
   From the trips to New Orleans to the trips back to the eatery where it began, all of these take you back to the memories that have spanned a lifetime. So sit back, take a sip and relive them all over again at our Italian restaurant.

   Musical Selections include the traditional dance “Tarantella" and Billy Joel’s "Scenes from and Italian Restaurant”

   The 2019 Shikellamy Marching Braves Staff consists of Scott M. Carey – Director, Music Arranger and Drill Designer.  Brian Bacon – Color Guard Coordinator and Visual Coordinator.  Shane Bender – Brass and Visual Instructor.  Katie Ericson – Percussion Instructor.  Amanda Lebo – Visual Coordinator.  .  Ryan Miller – Brass and Visual Instructor and Amy Rhinard – Woodwind Instructor and Alicia Whilby – Guard Instructor.


   We would like to thank the administration of the Shikellamy School District for their continued support and especially the Shikellamy Band Association for all of their time, effort and creativity in keeping the music alive for our kids!  We could not do it without you!  We hope you enjoy this evening’s performance.


   And now, under the direction of Drum Major Emily Engleman, we present the 2019 Shikellamy Marching Braves!