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SVB Marching Band Showcase



1st Annual


Marching Band Showcase



September 25, 2019

6:30 PM


Shikellamy High School Stadium






Lewisburg Marching Dragons Pregame/Halftime Announcements 2019




Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to this evening’s performance of the Lewisburg Area High School Marching Dragons! Tonight, the “Pride of the Green Dragons” will present their 2019 Field Show titled: “The Music of QUEEN” a sampling of the many hits produced by the world-famous British stadium rock band. Queen members Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor, led by iconic front-man Freddie Mercury, achieved monumental fame and success in Europe, the U.S., and throughout the globe, thrilling audiences everywhere and selling nearly 300 million albums. The band’s golden era concluded in 1991 following the death of lead singer and songwriter, Freddie Mercury. 


The 87-member Marching Dragons are led on the field by Senior Drum Majors, Hannah Castellan and Isaac Kraus. The Band opens their show with a combination of two songs. First is “Bicycle Race,” from 1978, paired with “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” Queen’s first U.S. #1 single. Next is “Don’t Stop Me Now” and we welcome the cheerleaders to the field to bring more Dragon Pride to our show! Third is the 1981 collaboration with David Bowie, “Under Pressure,” famous for its opening bass line. The final selection for this evening is an arrangement of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the six-minute rock opera suite from 1975 that many consider to be Queen’s greatest musical achievement, holding the UK #1 spot for nine weeks and peaking in the US at #2 in 1992 with the release of the film Wayne’s World. In 2018, the film titled Bohemian Rhapsody earned multiple Oscar Nominations including Best Picture.  Now, get ready to Break Free and Find Somebody to Love, because We Will Rock You and the Show Must Go On! Please welcome to the field the 2019 LEWISBURG AREA HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING DRAGONS!!


The Marching Dragons are under the direction of Mr. Daniel Schwanger. Assistant Director is

Mrs. Lindsey Eischeid. Additional Staff members are: Mr. Ronald Wasser, Mrs. Krista Carney,  Miss Caroline Wasser, and Miss Charlotte Wood. Music arranged by Tom Wallace and Matt Conaway. Percussion parts by Tony McCutchen and Jack Holt. Drill design by Ronald Wasser.


The Lewisburg Area Marching Dragons would like to thank the Lewisburg Area School District Administration, the Lewisburg Area School District Board of Directors, the Lewisburg Alumni Association, the Green Dragon Foundation, the Lewisburg Area High School Faculty and Staff, and the Lewisburg Area Music Association for their continued support of this year’s production. We would also like to thank the parents and community supporters for putting forth the time and effort to make this year’s show a success.   Finally, the Band thanks you for your attendance at tonight’s performance of the 2019 MARCHING DRAGONS!


The Milton Area Marching Black Panthers

Present their 2019 Field Show:

… In with the New!


We all know the saying, “Out with the old, in with the new!” The start of the 2019 school year signals the start of new beginnings, new friendships, and for the Marching Black Panthers… new uniforms! The show opens with *NSync’s boy band hit “Bye Bye Bye”, and then transitions into a folk-infused rendition of Green Day’s “Good Riddance”. The band closes their field show with Andy Grammer’s “Good to Be Alive” as we celebrate new beginnings and good things to come.


Instructional staff includes:

·      Alyssa Williams – Director

·      Steve Klees – Assistant Director and Battery Percussion Instructor

·      Gretchen Carpenter – Pit Percussion Instructor

·      Cherity Rinehart – Colorguard Instructor

·      Denny Carpenter – Drill Design


The band would like to thank the Milton Area Board of Directors, our administrators, families, and all the loyal fans for their continued support of both the arts and athletics. We are Panther Proud.









“Timeless Love”


The Mifflinburg Area Marching Wildcats’ 2019 fall show, “Timeless Love” features love songs from several genres that all speak to the nature of love.  The show opens with Elvis’ famous ballad about love’s inevitability, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”.  Next comes “Habanera” from the opera Carmen which describes love as being fickle and fleeting. The next piece takes a look at love from a parent’s point of view. Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” tells of a parent meeting a child for the first time, and recognizes that moment as the moment we truly learn the meaning of love. The show then concludes with the modern jazz hit “Everything” by Michael Bublé which emphasizes love as being the true meaning of our lives.


The marching band is led by Drum Major Taylor Williams and Assistant Drum Major - Robert Swartzlander.

Band Officers are: President – Christopher Rapson; Vice President –Amanda Reid; Secretary/Treasurer –Benjamin Heintzelman; Historian -Taylor Williams; Senior Representative -Austin Catherman; Junior Representative – Robert Swartzlander; Sophomore Representative –Josh Hauck; and Color Guard Representative – Nicole Maxfield


The Marching Area Wildcats’ staff includes: Director – Matthew Labar, Assistant Directors – Kelsey Hurst, Debra Rapson, Patricia Wagner, and Matthew Wells; Color Guard Instructors – Lori Rodichok and Andrea Kelly; Brass Instructor – Ryan Fitch; Percussion Instructor – Hayden Stacki.  The drill was designed by Justin McAdams. 


All wind and percussion arrangements are done by Jay Dawson, Richard Saucedo, and Jay Bocook.


The Marching Wildcats thank the Mifflinburg Area Band Boosters for their enthusiastic support.  We also thank the Board and Administration of our school district, as well as the businesses and individuals of the surrounding communities for their continued generous support.








This is only the ---second year in which the Midd-West Marching Mustangs has ever presented a field show. They are under the direction of Mrs. Stacy Hostetter and assisted by Miss Lexi Bixler. Drum Major is Senior, Maggie Weader.


The Marching Mustangs are proud to present this season’s show that features songs from the musical “Grease”. What is this musical about? Well, it’s the story of boy meets girls, the complexities of peer pressure, struggle to find ones core values and of course discovering love. Who could forget the icon animated sequence at the beginning of the film that featured the band’s first song? We hope you enjoy “Grease is the Word”


Did you know that the hand jive is a dance that involves a complicated pattern of hand moves that imitate percussion instruments?  Some may say….it is just a highly elaborate version of pat-a-cake. However, if you like thigh slapping, wrist crossing, fist pounding, and hand clapping actions then you will fit right in with the band as the plays “Born to Hand Jive”


In the last scene of musical, our Rydell friends come together after graduation at the school carnival to say their good byes by singing of course none other than a plethora of nonsense words that only teenagers would understand. If you happen know these words – we encourage you to join in with the band as the perform “We Go Together”.


There is one song that stands out above all of the others in the musical -which is “Greased Lightning”. But what does that term mean anyway? Well………. it’s means a super-fast well-oiled racing machine. Just like our percussion section which is featured in our last selection. We hope to see you dancing in the stands tonight. Because it is sure to be electrifying.













Warrior Run Defender’s Marching Band Announcement



Good Evening! You’re listening to 201.9 WRMB. We’re so glad that you joined us tonight because we have some of your favorite hits lined up. Buckle up because it’s going to be a fun ride.



Led onto the field by Drum Major Paige Hubbell, the 2019 Warrior Run Marching Defenders are proud to present their field show “Scanning the Decades”. Jump in your car with us and let’s search for some tunes. We’ll hit the scan button and see what we can find.


The first song we will come across topped the charts in the 70s made popular by Blue Swede: “Hooked on a Feeling”. After hitting the scan button once more we come across a hit performed by N*SYNC: “Bye Bye Bye”. Our final song before the end of our car ride is “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” originally performed by The Police. This song features a trumpet duet performed by Zach Feerrar and Sarah Cotner. 


The Marching Defenders are under the direction of Ms. Taylor Rhodes, assisted by Mr. Ryan Czekaj, and color guard instructor Mrs. Nancy Mathna. This year’s staff also includes Mr. Jonathan Moser, instructor of percussion.


The Marching Defenders would like to thank the Warrior Run Band Parent Association and the Warrior Run School District for all of their support.












The Shikellamy Marching Braves



“Scenes From An Italian Restaurant”

   The smell of the fresh bread, the home-made meatballs and pasta that is as good as your Nana’s at the family dinners on Sundays. Stomachs always leave full and faces complete with a satisfied smile. Love is in the air and in the sauce. Come with us as the Shikellamy Marching Braves open the door to their 2019 production “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant. “ 

Scene One: The Food
Fresh Italian Bread and Meatballs over Pasta
The smells bring you in and the taste keeps you coming back 

Scene Two: The Glance
When two people steal glances from across the candle lit dining room magic happens.

Scene Three: The Memories
   From the trips to New Orleans to the trips back to the eatery where it began, all of these take you back to the memories that have spanned a lifetime. So sit back, take a sip and relive them all over again at our Italian restaurant.

   Musical Selections include the traditional dance “Tarantella" and Billy Joel’s "Scenes from and Italian Restaurant”

   The 2019 Shikellamy Marching Braves Staff consists of Scott M. Carey – Director, Music Arranger and Drill Designer.  Brian Bacon – Color Guard Coordinator and Visual Coordinator.  Shane Bender – Brass and Visual Instructor.  Katie Ericson – Percussion Instructor.  Amanda Lebo – Visual Coordinator.  .  Ryan Miller – Brass and Visual Instructor and Amy Rhinard – Woodwind Instructor and Alicia Whilby – Guard Instructor.


   We would like to thank the administration of the Shikellamy School District for their continued support and especially the Shikellamy Band Association for all of their time, effort and creativity in keeping the music alive for our kids!  We could not do it without you!  We hope you enjoy this evening’s performance.


   And now, under the direction of Drum Major Emily Engleman, we present the 2019 Shikellamy Marching Braves!