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Member Interviews

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Member Interviews

Why did you join?
"I joined because I wanted to get more involved in my school and gain some experience in business. It's a fantastic organization that teaches you many values and skills to be a successful business leader and good human being. FBLA can make you become the best version of you." -Brendon Strevig, 2016-17 President

What are the positives of joining?
"It's one more activity colleges look at that sets you apart from others. You can go on field trips, gain friends, and become a good business leader."-Ashley Strevig

What are the negatives of joining?
"Are there any?" -Keris Ladd, 2016-17 Vice President

What was your favorite field trip?
"Pittsburgh."-McKensie Zellers, 2016-17 Secretary

What has FBLA taught you?
"All kinds of leadership and business skills I can apply to actual life situations."-Alexis King

What do you hope to see FBLA do in the future?
"I have been trying to get us to do more, work more effectively, and have a more vital role in our school. I'd like to see us do more community service and charity work; just help others more. We've increased quite a bit this year; it'd be great to see more members join."-Brendon Strevig, 2016-17 President

Why should you join?
"Because there are no negatives."-Keris Ladd, 2016-17 Vice President