Sophomore Communications

Sophomore Communications

This course will include:

                        Writing skills (Keystone guidelines)

                        American literature (fiction and non-fiction):

                        Poetry, short stories, plays, novels, and novels excerpts

                        Literary terms/vocabulary relevant to course content

                        Keystone Literature Exam preparation- exam taken in May

                        Exams- including a comprehensive final exam at the end of the year


Necessary materials:

            Notebook and folder



            All assignments should be turned in by the assigned due date.                                                                                                                                                            

            If it is one day late = drop one letter grade (after that = zero credit)


  Essays should be shared through Google Docs to:

  In addition, you may print your essay and hand in a hard copy.



If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get missed work from the absentee file.

          If you know you are going to miss class, you must get your work the day before.                                                          

          If you do not get your work, you will DROP ONE LETTER GRADE

          This includes field trips, early dismissal for athletics, clubs, and more.

          Be in class on time, in your seat, with all necessary materials.  

          If you are late, you must have a late pass with you.


Class rules:  

Expected class behavior is simple:

          Follow all school rules and guidelines.

Be respectful to the teacher, substitute, and classmates.

If there are instances of disrespect or misbehavior, we will first try to work in out in class.  The second time will result in a phone call home to mom/dad/guardian and a discipline referral. 


Electronic device policy:

No cell phones/ipods, etc. allowed in class.   

If you have a cell phone (or other device) out, it will be taken.

In addition, one hour of detention will be assigned.

Extra help:  I am available after school if you need help.  If you are not available, other arrangements can made before school or during the day.


Grading:  Your grade will be based on the number of points you earn and your participation.  Your participation grade will be based on effort and behavior.