Summer Reading Assignment (Honors English)

Summer Reading Assignment- Sophomore Honors English

Please refer to the Google Classroom page (code: lymtif4)


This summer, you will be reading the novella (a short novel) Of Mice and Men.  You will be expected to have carefully and thoroughly read this selection, and completed the assignment, by the due date (August 21). You should take accurate and extensive notes, in the form of a reading journal.  Please follow the directions below. 

What is a reading journal? 

A reading journal is a place to summarize what you have read, along with your feelings, thoughts, impressions, and insights about the book. 

Organize your information as follows…

     Requirements for EACH chapter (six total chapters):

     Summary- by chapter (the length of the summaries will vary depending on the 

                        length of the chapter) *These summaries must be in your OWN WORDS*

     Comments/questions- the characters, events, anything relevant 

                        -likes/dislikes, predictions for next chapter, and so on

            -what didn’t you understand or what are you confused about?

     Quotes/passages- include one quote from each chapter, and explain why the 

                         quote is relevant (what it demonstrates about a character or the 

                         plot, why you selected this quote, and so on). *The explanation must be in your 


You must type your responses in Google Docs: single spaced, 12 font.

This should be typed as ONE DOCUMENT of approximately six pages in length (one page per chapter).  DO NOT submit six separate documents please.

Make sure to label each chapter and label each section (summary, comments/questions, quotes).

*Failure to follow directions will result in a loss of points*

As you know, Plagiarism is NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Make sure to use your OWN WORDS.

If there is evidence of plagiarism, you will be removed from the class. 

This must be submitted to Google Classroom, no later than 10PM August 21.  If the summer work is not received by the deadline, you will be removed from the class.  Do not wait until the last minute to submit the assignment.  Last-minute computer or internet issues are not a legitimate excuse for not submitting it on time. 

FYI: There will also be an assessment on these readings the first week of school, so be prepared. This could be in the form of a test or in-class writing assignment.

The pdf of the book is attached, so that you do not have to buy it. However, feel free to purchase a hardcopy (or Kindle version), if you prefer.  They are available on Amazon, and usually cost less than ten dollars. Also, several copies can be found in the local libraries. 

Please make sure that you, and your parent/guardian, “sign” the parent form (separate assignment in Google Classroom), no later than June 3. Thank you!