Summer Reading Assignment (Honors English)

Summer Reading Assignment- Sophomore Honors English (C.Krieger)

You will be reading the novella (a short novel) Of Mice and Men this summer.  You will be expected to have carefully and thoroughly read this selection by the time school resumes in the fall.  You should take accurate and extensive notes, in the form of a reading journal.  Please follow the directions below.

What is a reading journal? 

A reading journal is a place to summarize what you have read, along with your feelings, thoughts, impressions, and insights about the book. 

Organize your information as follows…

Requirements for each chapter (six total):

Summary- by chapter (the length of the summaries will vary depending on the length of the chapter, but you should aim for at least one full page each) *These summaries must be in your OWN WORDS*

Comments/questions- the characters, events, anything relevant

-likes/dislikes, predictions for next chapter, and so on

-what didn’t you understand or what are you confused about?

Quotes/passages- include one quote from each chapter, and explain why the quote is relevant (what it demonstrates about a character or the plot, why you selected this quote, and so on). You must also include the page number indicating where you found the quote. The explanation must be in your OWN WORDS

You must type your responses in Google Docs; they should be single spaced in 12 font.

You should start a new page for each chapter response (six total responses).

Label each section (summary, comments/questions, quotes).

*Failure to follow directions will result in a loss of points*    

This must be typed in Google Docs and shared with me ( no later than

8AM on September 3. If the summer work is not received by the deadline, you will be removed

from the class. Do not wait until the last minute to complete the assignment and share it. Last-

minute computer or internet issues are not a legitimate excuse for not submitting it on time.

There will also be an assessment on these readings the first week of school, so be prepared. This could be in the form of a test or in-class writing assignment.

*I have copies of the book in my room (181) and you are more than welcome to sign one out to use over the summer.  Please stop in and sign the book out before May 31.

***Advance notice: you will need a 3-subject notebook and a folder for Sophomore Honors English; please bring these items the first day of class.  Thank you!

You, and your parents/guardians, must read the attached letter and sign it.  This must be returned to me by May 23 in order to maintain your enrollment in Sophomore Honors English for next year. If you, or your parents, have any questions or concerns over the summer, please email me at

Dear Guardian,

Hopefully, you have already read the information and requirements for the summer reading (found on first page).  The summer reading selection, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, is a classic novel that is a staple in the American Literature curriculum in many high schools.  However, there are also some mature themes present in these novels, such as racism and isolation, and profanity and racist terms are used within the novel. I believe your student will handle the reading maturely, and I will approach the teaching of this novel with the utmost respect.   In order to help you feel more comfortable and aware of what we are learning, I have copies of the novel available for you to borrow and preview if you would like. You may email me at if you would like to borrow the novel or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.  I encourage you to explore the novel and all it has to offer your student. My hope is that the students will enjoy the summer reading and gain a great deal of insight with the novel, and the unit that follows, during the school year. 

In addition, I am asking that you sign and return this letter so that I know:

1) You are aware of what we are covering with the summer reading and in class

2) You acknowledge your understanding of the summer reading requirements

3) Also, for planning purposes, I would like to make you aware that your son/daughter will need a 3-subject notebook and a folder for Sophomore Honors English.  Thank you!


Please sign below, and also obtain your son/daughter’s signature, to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the summer reading requirements.  Return this entire page to Mrs. Krieger before May 23. Thank you.

We, _________________________   &  ___________________________, have 

      (parent/guardian)                (student)

received the summer reading list and understand the requirements.  We also understand that the reading journal is due the first day of school (September 3, 2019) and that there will be a test/assessment on the novel during the first week of school.

Please clearly print student’s name: ______________________________