Oscillation of a Spring Lab

Purpose - Find the relationship between the oscillation period of a spring and the spring constant, mass and amplitude.

Materials - 5 springs with different spring constants, timer, various masses and ruler. 

Data and Graphs-
  • Force vs. Change in Distance for each spring 
  • Amplitude vs. Period
  • mass vs. Period
  • Spring Constant vs. Period

  • Report the spring constants for each spring (from each graph)
  • Rewrite equations for AFTER they are STRAIGHTENED
    • A vs. T
    • m vs. T
    • k vs. T
  • If you noticed, the springs had the same diameter.  What do you think would happen if the diameter of the spring was increased?
  • What do you think the spring constant would be of a longer spring? What would happen to the period of a longer spring. (Keeping the diameter the same as the springs in the lab.)

  • Restate purpose
  • List results - relationships and equations
  • Discussion the slopes, y-intercepts and area under the curve for each graph
  • List errors (BE SPECIFIC!!)