Electric force: Coulomb’s Law

Purpose - Discover the relationship between distance of charges objects and force between them.

Data -
Radius - Distance from balloon to wand
Force - Distance the balloon moves from orginal location

Graphs Click on link for explanation via Educreations (may take awhile to load)

F vs. r (no formula)
F vs. 1/r (no formula)
F vs. 1/r^2 - (insert formula)

Calculations - Take the y = mx + b formula from final graph and re-write to show graph variables and units.

1. Compare the slope from your graph to other groups. Why is there a variation?
2. How does this lab relate to the formula for Coulomb's law?
3. What is k and why is it needed in the formula?
4. What is a coulomb of charge?

Conclusion - Standard - Restate purpose, list results (include relationships and mathematical findings), discussion to prove your results and statement of errors (be specific).