Ohm's Law Lab

Lab Report - Due in Google classroom

Purpose - Find the relationship between resistance and current and voltage.

Materials - Circuit board and Variable Voltage Supply (include picture of set-up)

Data - Record data on provided sheets. Put onto spreadsheet and cut and paste into document

Graphs - Determine relationships and straighten as needed.
1. Resistance vs. Current
2. Voltage vs. Current .      
3. Straightened graph for one of the above graphs.

  • Determine slopes and formulas for each experiment set-up
  • Percent error on slopes of all graphs against constant values in each experiment (voltage or resistance)

1. What are the units for each slope?  Are these units the constant values?
2. What was the relationships between resistance and current?
3. What is the relationship between voltage and current?

Conclusion - Regular expectations

voltages is joules/coulomb
ampere is coulomb/second