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AP United States History

All students who are enrolled in A.P. United States History for the 2016-17 school year need to complete a summer assignment. This assignment is mandatory and must be turned in by the due dates or you will be removed from the class. The assignment should have been picked up from Mrs. Berger before the end of the school year. Every student should also sign out a textbook from Mrs. Berger. The textbook is The American Pageant, 16th edition. 

The summer assignment includes : 
  • A list of important terms, events and people from the first 5 chapters of the textbook. All students should be prepared for a vocabulary quiz on the first day of school. 
  • Each of the first 5 chapters has a list of guided reading questions to answer. You will need the textbook to complete it. 
  • Using the website www.apushreview.com, complete the 4 video guides for Chapters 1-5. Click on “AP Textbook Chapter Review Videos” and then select “American Pageant Chapter Review Videos.” There are 4 videos: The first two chapters are combined in one video. If you need additional copies of the video guides, email me ASAP and I will send another copy.