Civics & Government

Class Outline
Unit 1 Origin of Government
Unit 2 The Constitution & Amendments
Unit 3 Federalism
Unit 4 The Legislative Branch
Unit 5 The Executive Branch
Unit 6 The Judicial Branch
Unit 7 Civil Rights/Liberties
Unit 8 Political Parties
Unit 9 State & Local Government &Taxation

Civics & Government

Course Expectations

Instructor: Mr. Zeigler

A.   General Guidelines


I.              Responsibility


            This is a reminder to all students that they are in high school and that each   student is responsible for their own individual choices, actions and behaviors. Each student must rise to the acceptable standard of behavior for a high school student and must accept the consequences for actions that hinder the education of themselves and others.


II.            Attendance


It is the responsibility of every student to attend class. Students must be in the classroom and in their seat before the bell rings. Students who arrive after the bell or are engaged in unacceptable activities (i.e. out of their seat, talking) will be considered late. Students that are truant or illegally skip class will not be permitted to make up work. All students involved in a co-curricular activity must inform the instructor in person when any activity will require absence from class.


III.           Consultation Time


            The instructor will be available after school until at least 3:00pm in room 205 for any help you may need in class. If this time is inconvenient, check with me after class and we will work out another time. Keep in mind that this will be your most convenient disciplinary consequence. Five minutes after school is better than an hour of detention.


IV.           Homework


Occasional written, oral and reading assignments will be given throughout the period of this course. Students are required to complete these assignments by their due date. Late assignments will count only if the student has an excused absence from class.  Students will be given the number of days they were absent to complete missed assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up late assignments before or after class or during the scheduled consultation time.


V.            Examinations and Assessments


Examinations will be given at periodic intervals. They will be announced at least two days in advance. If an examination is missed, you have the equal number of days absent to make up the examination. Failure to take the test within this timeframe will result in a zero for that test. Absence between the announcement and administration of the test will not warrant an exemption.

REMEMBER: It is the student’s responsibility to make up the test within the respected time period.

Other assessments including quizzes and projects will be given throughout this course. You are responsible for work covered in class or assigned if you miss class for a co-curricular activity.


VI.           Journals


All students are required to have and keep a journal. It will consist of responses to various questions, quotes or lessons. Each response should be no shorter than one paragraph in length (Five sentences). This journal will be collected and graded not for content of the writing, but on participation and to let the instructor know what the student is getting out of class. This counts for a considerable portion of your grade so please make sure that you complete all your journals. They will be collected at the end of each quarter with little or no warning so keep up with your journals. Students may also keep vocabulary words or any information they see fit in this journal as part of a notebook. Students may use their Chrome books as a notebook, but still may need to submit notes/journals on goggle docs.


VII.         Discipline


            Appropriate classroom conduct is expected at all times. Any disruptive behavior in class will result in consultation, detention, in-school suspension or dismissal from class. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in a zero for that examination or assessment. Proper classroom conduct is explained in your Student Handbook.

            The first offense will result in up to five minutes of consultation time. The student’s name may be placed on the board to notify them of this. The second, third and final offense will result in consultation being extended five more minutes per offense to a maximum of twenty minutes of time. The final offense will result in twenty minutes of consultation, a referral to the Vice Principal or Principal and a call to the student’s parents.


In addition to the posted classroom rules these are also in effect….                   


·       The use of expletives and other inappropriate statements or phrases will not be tolerated. Such offenses will result in the student writing and reading a formal apology to the class.


·       Students responsible for littering or otherwise damaging the classroom will have to stay after school to clean or repair it.


VIII.                Dismissal


                  The Bell does not dismiss this class, the instructor does. Students will not be dismissed until all students are silent and sitting in their own seat.








IX.                Grading


                  Grading in this classed is based on total accumulated points. All grades are based upon the students total points divided by the total possible number of points. Assignments include quizzes, homework, journal, tests, projects and class participation.


The class participation grade is a test grade. All students start with a 90% and lose points for discipline issues, disrupting class, violating school policies, using inappropriate language (5-10%), missed assignments (5%), and poor attendance (5%). Students can gain bonus points by frequently participating in class, doing current events, making insightful comments, asking good questions, and volunteering to help the instructor or other students (5%) or bonus points on tests or assignments (2%). All behaviors both positive and negative are monitored and recorded by instructor in a notebook and the grade is calculated based on these behaviors


B.   Economics and American Government 

I.                               Expectations     


We will be examining 

1. The Origins/ Theories of American Government

2. The Constitution and the Amendments

3. The Branches of Government

4. The 44 Presidents

5. The Election Process/ 2014 Midterm Elections

6. Voting/ Political Parties, Interests Groups

7. Taxes and the Budget

8. Justice and Case Law

9. State and Local Government


Please detach bottom after signing and return to the instructor.


C.   Parental Agreement


I.                This document is designed so Parents and Students are aware of the expectations and the objectives of this course.  Therefore I ask that a parent or guardian and the student both sign this document saying that they understand and support its content enabling the student and instructor to achieve success in this course.





Parent or Guardian____________________________________________________


      Parent’s Email Address: _______________________________________________


      Class Period: _______________