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Important Forms for Students

Below are downloadable and printable forms forstudents, parents, educators, and members of the community.

Student Assistance Program (SAP)Referral Form—Student Version

·        Students who witness undesirablebehavior (drug/alcohol use, violence, cheating, skipping school) by a fellowstudent may complete this form and submit it to the Guidance Office.

            Student Referral Form (Word)
            Student Referral Form (PDF)

Harassment/Bullying Prevention ReferralForm

·       Students, parents, or members of thecommunity who witn ss bullying and/or harassment should complete the form andreturn it to the building’s principal.

Recommendation Request Form

·       Students who need a formalrecommendation submitted to a college or technical school should complete theform and submit to the teachers and guidance counselor for the completion of arecommendation letter.

Application for Work Permit

·       Students and/or parents may print thisform out and complete the information. Students must return the form to the main office of the high school withone form of evidence of age as specified by letters A—E.

            Application for Work Permit (PDF)
College Application Information Form

·       Students who need information sent topotential colleges and/or technical schools should print the form and completeall the required information. Submit thecompleted form to the Guidance secretary.

            College Application Form (Word)
            College Application Form (PDF)
Job Shadow Form #1

·       Page 1 of the Job Shadow Agreement.  Print and complete.

            Page 1
Job Shadow Form #2

·       Page 2 of the Job Shadow Agreement.  Print and complete.

            Page 2
Job Shadow Form #3

·       Page 3 of the Job Shadow Agreement.  Print and complete.

            Page 3