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Extra Credit

At the end of every quarter, I will offer extra credit to students who have actively participated in class and completed ALL assignments. Extra credit must be submitted to me at least one week BEFORE the end of the quarter.

One may earn up to a maximum of 10 extra credit points per quarter.




Pick a topic related to what we are learning in class and prepare a 10-15 minute lesson for the class. You must provide at least one handout for the students or a group activity.


Make a teaching video based on a certain topic. See me for topic ideas and instructions.


Create a music video to a Spanish song on Video Star (free for Android and Apple). See me for song suggestions.


Using your own photos or ones from a magazine, create a collage and write at least 20 sentences about it. Use as much vocabulary from class as possible. You may also use www.wordreference.com to help you.


Research a current event (no older than one week) about something interesting in a Spanish-speaking country. You must write a brief summary of what happened in your own words. Bring me a hard copy of the article in class or email it to me BEFORE you write the summary. The summary may be written in English.


Buy a new box of tissues and decorate it with something Spanish-related. Ex: country flags, pictures of popular foods, etc. It must be neat to receive credit.