Begin the class period by filling out your bell-ringer sheet.

You may leave the classroom, but only with permission and if you’ve asked in French.  I will sign your pass.

Online Translators are NOT Permitted at any time!!!  You will receive a zero for anything handed in that has been translated!  (yes, I will know)

I do not take late work, so hand in your assignments on time!

Take ten minutes a night to look over the new vocab or grammar that we are learning.

Cheating on tests in any manner will result in a zero!

Cell Phones should be out of sight! Absolutely no pictures/video can be taken at any time.

Be prepared for class…book, pencil, notebook.  You must keep a notebook for grammar and vocab for each chapter that we cover.

Le Vendredi: (Every Friday) Current Events-Find a current event from any francophone country, summarize it in one paragraph and present to the class.  Be sure to cite your source and you will receive 1 Bonus Point. It must be a Friday.  If you are absent, it does not count.  If we do not have school on Friday, there are no current events.