La Société Honoraire de Français

Induction Ceremony

Présentation des invités
Description de la Société (Aims, purposes, and requirements)
Description de l'installation
Services de l'installation (La Course du Flambeau)
Conférence (French Consular representative, Supervisor of Foreign Language instruction, Principal, Teacher, French or Francophone native informant, or Student)

Duties for Members of the SHF

1. Organize and plan the agenda and activities for the French Club.
2. Sponsor tutoring services designed to aid students who are having difficulty with language learning.
3. Conduct a type of "college bowl" in preparation for the College Board AchieExam in French or for the National French Contest. 
4. Be responsible for a display case, bulletin board, etc. with displays depicting France and French-speaking countries.
5. Plan activities and events for National French Week. (Novembre)