Le Cercle Français

Order this year's T-shirt by 12/16/16 
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French Dinner             le 23 mars 2017,  Le Jeune Chef
NYC Trip                     le 12 avril 2017,   Le Cirque du Soleil

We meet throughout the year to do cultural events such as celebrate Mardi Gras, make crepes, try French cheeses, design a club T-Shirt, sample foods, and decorate with the Spanish Club.  We also attend a French dinner in Williamsport or surrounding area.
Anyone in French class can join! Dues are $1 and can be given to the treasurer, at the meetings.

Meeting Dates for 2016-17
Rm 107

11/16/16- Movie, & TSHIRT design
12/21/16- Noël
2/22/17-Mardi Gras
4/19/17-Les Crêpes

                                            DES BONBONS OU UN  SORT!


Mardi Gras Mask Making!!