Honors English Course Expectations

     Junior Honors English Course Expectations

Ms. Brouse

Course Description


Junior Honors English will contain components of literature, composition, listening, speech, and interpretation, analysis, and synthesis of information. A student must successfully complete the entire class to earn his/her credit. A student must hand in a summer reading journal on the first day of class in order to stay in Honors English.




            The student will:

·        Read assignments

·        Analyze literature

·        Write persuasive, and informative essays

·        Present oral presentations

·        Take quizzes and tests

·        Take part in seminar style group discussions

·        This is an Honors class, and therefore, you are expected to go above and beyond the requirements


Classroom Procedures/Attendance


·        Attend class regularly and be prepared

·        Be in class on time

·        Complete all assignments on time

·        Participate actively in class

·        Inform the teacher if you are having difficulties

·        An honest attempt at an assignment, even if it is wrong, is better than no attempt at all

·        Respect others

·        If you are absent you are responsible to find out what you missed. Make up work must be handed in within the same number of days as your absence from school. (this rule applies to quizzes and tests )

·        Failure to meet deadlines will result in a 10% drop in your grade each day an assignment is overdue.(this rule applies to quizzes and tests)

·        Continue to keep a portfolio of your work


Methods of Evaluation

 Each assignment is given a number of points based on the nature of the assignment. Your grade is calculated on the percentage of the total points you accumulate divided by the total points possible.

Major Units of Study

The Anglo-Saxons

The Middle Ages

The Renaissance

The Restoration and The Eighteenth Century

The Romantic Period

The Victorian Period

The Twentieth Century

Four Forms of Literary Criticism:






Comprehensive Exam

A comprehensive final exam will be given. Please keep all materials.