Welcome to the 2015-2016 academic year!  I am looking forward to working with my students to achieve!  I have one over-arching goal for the year, developing the best possible communicators.  To do so, we will be working with the four foundational concepts of language:  reading, writing, listening and speaking.  We will read two novels, several short stories and essays, poems and a play.  We will write short responses, some poems, short and long essays.  We will learn active listing skills and some note-taking strategies to become more successful.  And, there will be a variety of opportunities to share ideas, discuss opinions and present speeches (one recorded and one live).  This is a full year of opportunities.

Please take note.....  I am hoping that I have a 100% success rate in moving my students on to the next level.  Unfortunately, that has not always been the result.  Most of the time the reason a student does not pass this class is due to the fact assignments are not handed in on time, or at all.  If I am putting more effort in trying to get assignments handed in after the deadline, or a student refuses to complete assignments, failure will result for that student.  I do not like to be negative, but I want to encourage all students to complete assignments, learn the skills and achieve a high level of success.  Are you ready?
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