Study Skills

This is a guided, small group study hall where students will be able to study, complete assignments, prepare for tests, etc., in a quieter environment than the regular, large study halls.

What Study Skills is:
  • Small group
  • Daily
  • Allows for individualized attention - 
    • tutoring, 
    • re-teaching, 
    • review, 
    • reading tests aloud
  • Most classroom texts available if you forgot yours

What Study Skills is NOT:
  • recess 
  • rest time
  • socializing/visiting time

Students are expected to bring work with them, including necessary materials - I have some classroom supplies, but cannot be the 'school store'.

Please note: as of the 2015-16 school year, electronic devices not provided by the school district will NOT be allowed during this class, including cell phones, mp3 players or iPods, viewing of YouTube videos.

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