Algebra 2 - Course Expectations

Algebra 2 Course Expectations

2015 – 2016


              Instructor: Mr. Balonis                           High School Office:  286 – 3700




       This one-year course in algebra continues and expands upon the concepts and procedures learned in Algebra I. It has the primary goal to develop competence in using variables and functions to model numerical patterns and quantitative relations. Emphasis is on the study of polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions, systems of equations and inequalities, matrix arithmetic, and sequences and series. Connections to other areas of mathematics and applications to other disciplines are integrated into the course.

Examination and Grading Policies:

1.     For a majority of the chapters in this textbook, two major exams will be given in each chapter, a mid-chapter exam, and an exam for the entire chapter.  For chapters with 4 or less sections only one exam will be given.
2.     If a student is absent the day of a test, whether excused or unexcused, the student will be expected to take the test upon return, unless there has been a prolonged illness.
3.     If a student is absent the day before a test, whether excused or unexcused, the student will be expected to take the test upon return, unless there has been a prolonged illness.
4.     At the end of each quarter, the student should have 4 or 5 major exams and a homework grade.
5.     Tests will count for 90% of each quarter grade and homework will account for 10% of the quarter grade.
6.     Each quarter the students lowest test score will not be calculated in their average.
7.     At the end of the school year each quarter will have a weight of 23% with the final exam having the weight of 8% for your final grade.




  1. Homework is a vital part of any course; therefore, all homework will be checked to ensure it is completed.  Students are required to have a notebook for their homework.  By keeping all homework in a notebook assignments should not be misplaced.  At the end of each quarter, you will receive a grade for your homework.  Calculated by taking the number you completed divided by the number assigned.  no late homework will be accepted!


  1. If you are absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to acquire the assignments that you have missed.  These assignments will be accepted up to three days upon your return.


  1. All homework assignments are posted in the room and are in PowerSchool on a daily basis.  If absent, please check to see what you missed.


  1. Lack of homework has proven to be the major cause of many students lack of progress.  So please complete all your homework!




       You must be in class to pass this course.  Poor attendance has proven in the past to bring about poor grades or failure.  If for some reason you have a pass to report to someone else during class time, you are to report first to class. Failure to do so will result in a zero for any work due for that day.


Consultation Time:


The district sets aside the time from 2:40 to 2:55 as consultation time.  If you plan to seek help during this time, please let me know in advance.


Course Objectives:


 At the conclusion of this class, the student will be introduced to each of the topics listed in the content section of their textbook.