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Personal Finance

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NEFE website

Business Plan Workshop

Federal Reserve

Click here for the Federal Reserve video

Unit 1 - Budget

Module 1 Packet
University of Florida Money Management Worksheet

Unit 2 - Credit

Module 2 Packet
Amortization Calculator
Credit Card Worksheet
Pick Your Credit Card
Sample Credit Card Statement
Credit Card Payment Calculator
Cash Course Prep
Perfect Credit Score
Sample Credit Report and Questions
Credit Protection Laws and Worksheet
ID Theft Packet
ID Theft Video
60 Minutes ID Theft Video
ID Theft Federal Reserve - Boston
ID Theft Affidavit
FTC Identity Theft
Examples of Identity Theft
ID Theft Game
Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Means Test 

Unit 3 - Earning Power

Module 3 Packet
Workforce Development Information
My Next Move - Interest Profiler 
Purdue Owl
College Board
Student Loan Statistics
New Information about FAFSA
Social Security Article

Unit 4 - Investments

Module 4 Packet
Rutgers Risk Assessment Quiz
Retirement Article
Time Value of Investing Early
Compound Interest Calculator

Unit 6 - Insurance 

Module 6 Packet
Auto Insurance in PA
Home Owners Insurance
Insurance 101 for Teen Drivers - PowerPoint
Insurance 101
Insurance Fraud