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Freshman Communication Arts Expectations

9th Grade Communication Arts Syllabus

Ms. Davis- Room 180

Email: DavisV@shikbraves.org

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is comprehension and composition of informational, literary, and persuasive texts, as well as on speaking, listening, research, and critical reasoning skills.  Students will explore a variety of texts through reading novels, short stories, plays, essays, poems, and nonfiction.  Students will write in a variety of styles with a focus on structure, vocabulary, and writing mechanics.  In addition, students will engage in a variety of discussions, oral presentations, reasoning tasks, and the research process. The following literary works will be covered:

  • The Pigman by Paul Zindel

  • Sounder by William Armstrong

  • Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

**other various short texts will be explored throughout the school year.

Classroom Expectations:

  1. Follow all school policies as outlined in your handbook. This applies to eating, plagiarism, cell phones, cheating, etc.

  2. Per SASD policy, personal cell phones are NOT allowed. A cell phone visual will result in a warning, followed by confiscation of phone, followed by detention.  I understand that emergencies happen, talk to me ahead of time. However, if it is a true emergency, a student may be reached through the office.  

  3. Come prepared to learn.  We will work bell to bell.

  4. Complete all work on time.

  5. Every student has the right to a positive learning environment. Disrespect, teasing, any form of bullying or any other behavior that hinders the learning process and safety of others will not be tolerated.

  6. Please use the bathroom in the first 5 minutes of class.  You must ask permission to use the restroom. You must take YOUR pass with you!!!!  Please do not use the restroom during assessments. If it is an emergency, simply let me know.

  7. Notify me if you know of future absences. If you are absent, you will have the same number of days as absent to complete the work you have missed. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COME GET ANY MISSED WORK. Also, the absence must be excused.

  8. This course requires several group projects. As a member of a group, each person is expected to do their share of the work. If someone is not participating, please notify me immediately and points will be appropriately adjusted. Please note that the day the project is due is not an appropriate time for notification.


Your grade will be determined by dividing the total points assigned each semester by the total number of points that you earned during the semester. Each assignment will clearly state how many points it is worth. I believe that every student has the ability to succeed and achieve if they try; if you put forth the effort, you will do well in this class. It is your responsibility to check your grades online – ask if you have any questions! There will be tests, quizzes, projects, writing assignments, and homework included in your grade.


All students will need a notebook, blue/black pens, and a highlighter. This should be brought to class every day and notes should be taken when the teacher or other students are presenting information. By maintaining accurate notes, you will be able to succeed. You should DATE each entry! The essential question and bell ringer should be recorded below the date.  Simply copying something word for word will not lead to success. This will be a significant grade each marking period.


Students will be graded on classroom behavior and participation. It is important that each student is an active learner and participates appropriately within the classroom structure. Class Participation is worth 50 points per marking period. Coming late to class, being disrespectful to peers, not actively engaging in classroom discussion, etc. will negatively impact this grade.


All students will need a folder in which they should keep ALL handouts and worksheets. All students should keep the syllabus in this folder. Keep this orderly and you will have no trouble with any of the assessments.

Late Work:

Late work is accepted at a penalty. After 5 days, no credit is given (unless special circumstances are arranged with me in advance). Each day an assignment is late, 10% will be deducted automatically. For example, an assignment worth 100 points, that is turned in 3 days late, can yield a grade of a 70% at best.

Extra Credit:

Students can earn extra credit throughout the marking period by putting their cell phone in the numbered holder at the beginning of every class. There will be no designated extra credit assignments for this class. If assignments are completed on time and you are actively engaged, your grade will positively reflect so.  There will be opportunities for extra credit throughout the marking periods.  I DO NOT OFFER EXTRA CREDIT AT THE END OF SEMESTERS TO BOOST GRADES.

Parent/Guardian Communication:

My goal is to establish and keep an open line of communication with parents/guardians to ensure the success of each student. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions please feel free to contact me.