A. Course Expectations

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Ms. Monahan Honors Chemistry,Chemistry I and Chemistry II Course Expectations

Course Goal: For each student to achieve the defined Pennsylvania State Standards for High School Chemistry.  To prepare students of college ability for further study in chemistry and at the same time to present material of use in daily life.  To encourage the spirit of scientific investigation and with the attitudes of accuracy in thought and work. Finally, to become better problem solvers and critical thinkers.


  • Students are to be in their assigned seats when the bell rings.

  • Class attendance, acceptable class behavior, and class participation are required.

  • All students are required to work in class.

  • Tardiness will not be tolerated.

    • First and second tardy will result in a verbal warning.

    • Third tardy, verbal warning and reminder that 4th tardy is detention.

    • Four or more tardies result in detention.

  • The student is responsible to bring appropriate materials to class.  These include: book, notebook, calculator and a writing utensil.

Homework/ Assignments:

  • All work is to be turned in on time.

  • Late work will only be accepted for 3 class days following the due date, for a maximum of 50% credit.

  • NO LAB Reports will be accepted late for any reason because there is always at least a 10 day window to turn it in.  DO NOT wait till the last minute and find out you are out of ink, etc!!!! If not on time, ZERO!

  • Make-up work is the responsibility of the student.  YOU have to get the assignments from the teacher and you have to schedule the day to make-up missed labs and tests.  If you are absent the day the work is due, it is to be turned in the day you return.

    • NOTE:  Absences include SI, SE, School Activities, Educational Journeys or Illness.

Grading:  Your grade will be calculated by dividing the total number of points you have earned by the total number of possible points for the marking period.

  • Illegal absences, skipping class, or unexcused absences result in a zero for the day’s work.

  • All work turned in must have your first and last name, date and what the assignment is for full credit.


  • If suspected of cheating you will receive a zero for the work.

  • Examples of cheating:

    • Having another students work, Another student having your work

    • Cheat Sheets, Sharing calculators during a test, Plagiarism

    • Turning in identical lab reports, you should have your own format, background and conclusions.

Class Rules:

  • You are here to improve your critical thinking and problem solving skills, so please use your time wisely and respect others’ rights to do the same.

  • You are also here to prepare for college and learn to accept responsibility for YOUR study habits.

  • If you are absent the day of a test, you will take a different make-up test.  Often with more essays and completion type of questions.

  • Take care of your book and lab equipment.

Cumulative (Final) Exam:

  • There will be a midterm in January and final at the end of the year covering materials from the entire course!  Keep tests and homework to help you study for these exams.

Formal Lab Reports:  Hardcopy must be turned during the 10 days window, EVEN if absent!!!!!  The due date is the last date they may be turned in, you will always have 10 days to complete the lab report and turn it in.  NO LAB WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE 10 DAYS!!!

Use the following design when writing formal lab reports. Although many lab reports will not be formal ones, you are expected to know the details of this design and to understand the logical sequence of ideas within it.  Lab reports should be written in outline format.

BASIC Grading Rubric for a Lab Report

Title page with title of lab, your name, partner’s name, date performed and date due

  1. Purpose:  see objectives, state why was the lab performed.

  2. Background:  definitions, explanations of terms and concepts needed to perform the lab

  3. Materials:  list outline format A →?? Of all materials used.

  4. Procedure:  just reference the handout, put the title in quotes, if using a given procedure.  If you made up your own procedure, include it in the lab report in outline format.

  5. Data Table: design your own, clearly label observations and data.  Include units with EVERY number.

  6. Calculations:  Clearly label in outline format what you are calculating.  Show all work to get answers, formula used, numbers substituted, answer with units.

  7. Results: Label in outline format what you calculated and the answer only, no work.  Also any additional results mentioned in the lab.

  1. Conclusion:  In paragraph format and 3rd person (No I, we, you, etc).  Discuss in detail was the purpose/ objectives answered.  Possible errors that could have occurred and how it would have affected the results.    Explain how you determined results.   Do the results make sense?


Final thoughts:

  • The lab report MUST be typed.

  • Cannot be turned in late, even if absent (the due date is the 10 day window)

  • Proofread!

  • Font size 12 or 14

  • Turn in drafts with final copy.  Put final copy on the top

Title page:

Name, period, group member(s) names, name of experiment, date lab was performed and date lab is due



  1. Purpose/ objectives

  1. Background

  1. Materials

  1. Procedure

  1. Data

  1. Calculation (acknowledge there are none)

  1. Results

  1. Conclusion

Neatness, organization, grammar, spelling, punctuation, proper outline format

Preformed lab safely