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Cap/Gown/Tassel Order Information

Students must return the graduation order form to the school office by Friday, December 16, 2016.

Order Form:
Please click Josten cap/gown/tassel to print out an order form.

Order Form Directions:
Students will measure & weight themselves and put this information in step 3 of the order form.  The amount will be $0.00.  Please also fill out the top of the order form, name, address, etc. and return the form to the high school office by December 16, 2016.  If the order form is filled out after December 16, 2016, you will need to mail the order form to Jostens. The address is below.  

Your child will be able to keep their cap, gown, and tassel. Also, the cap has elastic in the back and will adjust to every head size.

Student cap/gown/tassel will be shipped to the high school.  When the order arrives, students will be notified via announcement as to when and how the orders will be distributed.

Josten's Service Center
P.O. Box 512
Owatonna, MN  55060

  • Please note:  You will need to mail your cap/gown order form to Josten's Service Center after Friday, December 16, 2016.  The address is above.

If you have any questions, you may contact Jostens as follows:
                                e-mail:  jostens.com/contact
                                orders:  orders.jostens.com (order status and online payments)
                                phone:  1-800-JOSTENS (567-8367)