General Information :

When is the library open?

  • The library is open when school is open on cycle days B-D-F, from 8:00 AM-2:40 PM. We follow the school calendar with days off and weather delays. The Library may be closed during the day due to scheduling.

Who uses the library?
  •  The library is a shared space for the use of High School classes and students.
How long can I keep a book?

  • Books are borrowed for a three-week period. They can be renewed.

Can I get books that the library does not own?

  • We participate in the SHAREit inter-library loan system for libraries in the state of Pennsylvania. Books can be borrowed using this system, but lending policies are strict and the borrowing period for these books is short. This service is for educational purposes.

Does the library close during the school year?

  • The library closes at times during the school year for testing purposes (Keystone Testing and during the High School Final Exam period). Students not involved in testing will not have access to the library.

  • The library is open when Mrs. Shemory is at the High School. She is scheduled here on cycle Days B-D-F.

What happens if I lose a book?

  • All outstanding books are kept on a students’ record from year to year.  Borrowing privileges can be restricted if books are not returned. Students will be charged for material that is not returned prior to the end of the school year. All obligations must be cleared in order to receive you High School diploma. This includes library obligations.