Websites for Citation Help

*These sites will assist with the research process. Be sure to check with your teacher regarding specific information 
and format requirements regarding your paper.  Your instructor can require additional details.

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)

    The Purdue website provides specific instruction for writing research papers.  It offers writing resources for both MLA and APA formats.  The Shikellamy school district uses MLA format for the research process.  

OWL @ Purdue-YouTube
    For visual learners, there are instructional videos covering all steps of the research process.  You can see how to format your paper in Microsoft Word, create your Works Cited, and even learn about grammar and the mechanics of writing. 


    EasyBib has an extension for the Google Chrome toolbar; you can find it in the App store.  You cannot download this app on your school Chromebook, but you can use it a home.  This app allows you to cite a webpage as you are working.  It will save your citation.  And it even has tools for you to evaluate the website you are using.