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Shikellamy High School Career Pathways

Pathway is a program of interconnected academic and elective courses revolving around careers. It is centered around experiential learning (hands-on) and apprenticeship training. A Pathway is designed so that an individual can successfully enter and advance on a career path. The above Pathways are Vocational training programs similar to SUN Technical School's offer. Please see below to learn more about each program Pathway. 

Shikellamy HS Career Pathway Programs

Construction Trades- this program prepares individuals to apply knowledge and skills in the construction technology field. Instruction is provided in the basic skills in various areas associated with building construction, such as carpentry, masonry, plumbing, heating, and electrical. Instruction includes but is not limited to blueprint reading, cost estimating, uses of hand and power tools, cutting, fitting, fastening, and finishing various materials, and applying technical specifications and knowledge concerning the physical properties of materials. Courses for Construction Trades-(Prerequisite- Trades or Industrial Materials)- Construction 1, Construction 2, Summer Construction Experience, and Capstone (cooperative experience in a construction setting).

Medical Sciences- for students interested in the medical field: Upon completing the program, students could be employed as a Rehabilitation Aide and prepared for post-secondary school or work. This would introduce the following fields: nursing (LPN, RN, CNA), physical therapist, EMT, athletic trainer, strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, and doctor.  SHS Courses for Medical Sciences- PE, Health,  Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology I/II, Sports Medicine, Strength and Conditioning, Health Systems and Professions, Clinical Experience, and Capstone (field experience)

Teaching and Education- for students interested in education: Upon completing the program, students could work as a teacher's aide and be prepared for post-secondary school.  This program would introduce the following fields: elementary teacher, middle school teacher, high school teacher, special education teacher, daycare, guidance counselor, social worker, and school psychologist.   Courses for Teaching and Education- Introduction to Teaching, Child Development, Curriculum and Instruction, Classroom Management, Introduction to Exceptionalities, Multicultural Education, Psychology, Clinical Experience, and Capstone (cooperative experience in a school placement). 

To properly prepare students for these future experiences there must be collective support of students, parents, high school staff, and business partners. Below are performance expectations for SHS Career Pathways program students to ensure their success in high school coursework, internships, post-secondary education, and the workplace.

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