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Workout Letter

Shikellamy Field Hockey
Summer Workout

Set a goal for yourself-- -- -where do you want the season to go for you as an
individual and for the team. Only you can make that goal come true…as
coaches we can guide it but you have the opportunity to make it happen.
Hello Shikellamy Field Hockey players and welcome to the Shikellamy field
hockey family! It is important to gain strength and stay in shape over the summer.
I cannot stress enough how important it will be for you to be in shape for
preseason!!!! If you follow the workout things will come easier during preseason
and season practice.
Come to preseason PREPARED TO PLAY. The high school game is fast
and skilled; you must be ready. You need to work hard now to get in shape
so that we do not waste time on conditioning during preseason, but rather
we work on the game of field hockey. If we spend too much time working
on conditioning during preseason due to a lack of commitment, dedication,
and hard work by players during this summer, we will not be ready to
play… and we will not win. Please note that EVERY DAY of practice (even
the day before a game) will start with conditioning of some type. How well
you condition prior to the season likely dictates how much running we will
do on a daily basis.
The running portion of your workouts will always be less than 30 minutes (half of
a varsity game). All of the running/agilities you will be asked to do will be game-
like. Successful field hockey players are excellent at quickly changing direction
and speed with and without a stick and ball. You are excused from the running
portion of your workout on any camp days or days that you play hockey for at
least 30 minutes. However, whether or not you play hockey or are at camp, we
would still like you to do the strength portion of your workout (abs, back, leg
exercises, and forearm exercises). The strength exercises are designed to
improve your strength and prevent injuries. They will also help you to perform
better when doing stickwork and agilities, which = playing field hockey. It is
important that you do these workouts in the order that they are presented. Each
day/week has a different focus (ex. Endurance, strength, agility, recovery from
anaerobic activity). We would prefer that you do each day’s workout all at one
time, but if you are crunched for time you can be creative about how you fit your
strength work in (ex. While watching TV, right before you go to sleep, right when
you wake up, during a break at work, etc.)
Ideally, stickwork should be done everyday. A player should possess the
following fundamental skills: controlled dribble (ball on your stick); receive a flat
or bouncing ball; forehand and reverse stick lifts; dodges (pulls and spins both
directions); accurate push pass, hit, and aerial passes and shots; tight stickwork
with fast hands and wrists (Indian dribble). I would like our players to be able to
execute these skills while on the move at full speed. Having good vision (getting
your eyes up) is also very important. Practice everything the way you want to
perform it in a game under pressure. Each workout should always start with a
dynamic warm-up and end with static stretching. Using a field hockey field or

track as a basis for your work, always jog two laps to warm up, footwork/agility
followed by stretching for fifteen minutes. Also, STRETCH during and after your
workout as needed. Try to use the same workout site for consistency so you can
gauge your improvement. Try to improve with each workout.
Now also is the time to improve your diet. Cut out fatty foods like french
fries, chips, and junk food. A healthy diet is important to performing at a
high athletic level. Drink lots of fluids during the day and as you work out;
decrease or stop your intake of soda (including diet soda). Drink water,
juice, and milk. Cut out excessive sweets and candy. Do not stop eating,
just eat healthy and well. You will need a strong, healthy body for the
season. Make sure you are adding enough protein into your body and the
right carbs (just don’t over do the carbs)
The following workout plan is geared to assist you in conditioning your
body. Ultimately, you are responsible for your physical condition. Our
success as a team depends on you individual success. You must get your
mind and body accustomed to hard work. During the season we only have
one day off each week. That pace lasts from August 14th to the beginning
of November. You must be prepared.

Lastly, we know this packet may seem long and intimidating. Just take it one day
at a time. If you do your best to follow the plan each day, you will find that things
you thought were impossible will become easier and easier to do. It will never be
easy, but you will be happy that you did it when pre-season starts. The only place
success comes before work is in the dictionary.
Parents as you shop this summer for items…we will be
collecting donations throughout the summer for the Fall
concession stand
Below there is a brief description of each workout listed on the calendar. These
workouts are extremely do-able and are based on game-like situations. Most
likely you will see these workouts during the season. There is also lifting sheets
and time cards to return to me. Please email me if you have any questions.
**You must keep a workout log in a binder or notebook for
the season and to turn in during preseason.

*August 14 th First Day of Preseason: Calendar schedules for preseason will be
available at Booster Meeting on August 7th at the Edison…if you move over the
summer please send Coach Holly an email (

Team Bonding Dates-
Cookout: Sunday- June 25 th (Coach’s house) Pot Luck dinner
Movie Night: TBA(Mid July)- Coach Holly’s or during camp at Drive In's
July 24 th -27th: Team Camp at Shikellemay Fields (Need form see coach)
Ice Cream Party- August 13th - Coach Holly’s (Classes will bring items)
Knoebels night- TBA
Water Activity in August during preseason
Junior/ Senior luncheon: August 10th at Hoss’, players will need money

Season Fundraisers:
Summer Fling raffle drawing- drawing occurs during camp
July: Dunk Tank at Sunbury Celebration (?)
TBA- Preseason Fundraiser- maybe a car wash
T-shirt Sale: August/September
Indoor Tournament: November/December
Sandwich sale: Winter/Spring (Proceeds towards camp)
Whoppie Pie: Spring (Proceeds towards camp)
Think of ideas for the pink game fundraiser (Play 4 a Cure)
Drink 3 bottles of water a day, eat healthy (lots of protein, fruits and veggies)
As a coaching staff, we want you to BE IN SHAPE and READY TO COMPETE.
As the competition improves, we must improve. We need more than talent… we
need dedication, hard work, and commitment.
We wish you luck….this will make a difference by completing the workout!
BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR WORKOUT and when fall comes, you’ll be
tearing up and down the field.

We believe in our team and see great things happening,
Coach Zimmerman, Coach Fasold, Coach Booth, and Coach Cimino