Spanish Club / El club de español




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The Central and South American meal at Le Jeune Chef is on Thursday, April 20.

Click on the link to view the menu.  When there are multiple items listed for the course, you will be able to make your selection at the restaurant.  This is the situation for the 2nd course, 4th course, and 6th course.  You will choose your dessert when the server brings the dessert cart to the table to explain each one.

The Latin American song and dance show field trip was on Tuesday, April 11.

The Spanish Club t-shirts have arrived!  

Please stop by room 133 to pick up 

your t-shirt if you had ordered one.

Spanish Club students and French Club students 

will meet immediately after school on Thursday, 

December 1 in order to decorate the tree in the 

auditorium lobby.  Please sign up to contribute 

paper products or to prepare food items that are 

popular in Spanish-speaking countries.  

Write your name on the sign up sheet on the door 

of room 133 or on the sheet that is on the chalk board.

If you are a member of the Spanish club and you would like to decorate a sugar skull to celebrate the Day of the Dead, please write your name on the sign up sheet on the door of room 133 or on the sheet that is on the chalk board.

We will meet immediately after school in room 133 on Tuesday, November 1.

Congratulations to the Spanish Club officers for the 2016-2017 school year.

The results were very close for some of the positions.

Please listen to the AM and PM announcements or view the results that are posted on the door of  room 133.

Click on the link below to learn some of Emir Sensini's songs for the concert.