Course Expectations: Sophomore Communication Arts

Course Expectations-  Sophomore Communication Arts

Mr. Michaels


Welcome back.  I hope that everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing summer.  This handout is meant to serve as a guideline of some of my expectations and policies.  Hopefully, it will answer any general questions about the upcoming year in this class.


  • Curriculum-  The skills of this course are aligned to Chapter 4 and the PA state standards (Common Core) in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  Having worked as a member of the state’s assessment advisory committee for several years, I will place major emphasis on application of the PDE domain scoring writing rubric and the criteria for PDE scoring of reading performance tasks.  All of this will be a major benefit to you.


  • Class Rules-  In this classroom, we will work together to create an environment of respect from all angles.  Accordingly, you need to be seated on time with all necessary materials prepared for class.  Respect everyone around you, and you will in turn receive the respect of everyone else in this classroom.


  • Late Work Policy-  My late work policy is simple; I expect each assignment will be completed on time.  If an assignment is not in class when it is due, even if it is in a locker, it will be considered late.  Late assignments will be accepted one day only after the assignment was originally due and at half credit.  Any assignment more than one day late will receive a zero.  Absent students will receive time equal to that of which they missed to complete assignments.  You are responsible for the work you missed and for ensuring you are up to date.


  • Materials-  In addition to any materials we are using at a specific time, you are expected to have some items with you each day without question. These items are your journal, your folder with handouts, and a pen/ pencil.  At times, assignments in your journal will be checked for completion only.  The content of these entries may not be read until a formal journal assessment.  A portfolio containing samples of your work, including examples of your writing in each of the three modes, will be kept in the room.


  • Evaluation-  Your grade for this class will be determined using a points-based system.  Homework, tests, quizzes, projects, performance-based assessments, essays and other writing pieces, presentations, and journal assessments will all contribute to this overall score.  You will be able to keep track of your score by carefully recording the points you earn and the total possible points.


  • Cheating/ Academic Dishonesty-  Cheating in any form will not be tolerated. If you cheat on any type of assignment or task, you and everyone involved in my judgment will receive a zero.


As you will see throughout the year, this class will utilize several different methods of instruction and assessment.  My best recommendation is for you always to give your best effort. Feel free to ask for help; I will always set aside time to help you if you are willing to put forth the time into your work. For any other questions, please ask me or consult the student handbook.