Sophomore Honors English

Sophomore Honors English 


This course will include:

                        Writing skills (Keystone guidelines)

                             *It is your responsibility to keep all essays (9-12) in an Honors English folder

                             *It is also advised to keep a file on a thumb drive for all Honors essays   

                        American literature (fiction and non-fiction):

                        Poetry, short stories, plays, novels, and novels excerpts

                        Literary terms/vocabulary relevant to course content

                        Keystone Literature Exam preparation- exam taken in May

                        Exams- including a comprehensive final exam at the end of the year


Necessary materials:

                Notebook (3-subject), folder, book cover (large text book), Google Docs account



This is an Honors course; therefore, you are expected to not only meet the course expectations, but exceed them. It is not acceptable to hand in incomplete assignments or late work.  



         When submitting an essay, print a hard copy to hand in and share it to: 


 If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get missed work from the absentee file.

           If you know you are going to be missing class (field trip, etc.), you must get your work ahead of time,  

           or you will receive a late grade (no exceptions).

           Be in class on time, in your seat, with all necessary materials.  

           If you are late, you must have a late pass with you.


Class rules:  

Expected class behavior is simple:

          Follow all school rules and guidelines.

Be respectful to the teacher, substitute, and classmates.

If there are instances of disrespect or misbehavior, we will first try to work in out in class.  The second time will result in a phone call home to mom/dad/guardian and a discipline referral. 


Electronic device policy:

No cell phones/ipods, etc. allowed in class.   

If you have a cell phone (or other device) out, it will be taken, and it will be your responsibility to pick it             

up after school. In addition, one hour of detention will be assigned, and points will be deducted from 

your class participation grade at the end of the quarter.

Extra help:  I am available after school if you need help.  If you are not available, other arrangements can made before school or during the day.


Grading:  Your grade will be based on the number of points you earn and your participation.  

Your participation grade will be based on effort and behavior.