Explosive Cart Lab (Conservation of Momentum lab)

Purpose: To find the relationship between the ratio of the masses of carts and the ratio of velocities (via distance traveled in same amount of time)

Ma:Mb to  Va:Vb (measured in d in equal time) 

Ma:Mb to  Va:Vb (inverse)
Ma:Mb to  Vb:Va (linear)  Include formula and R^2 value

1)Show a sample of calculations of mass ratios and velocity ratios  
2)Show a sample calculation of inverse of velocities
3) Rewrite formula from graph information

1) Why can we say the ratio of the distance traveled by each cart is proportional to the velocities of each cart?
2) This lab is trying to demonstrate one of the conservation laws in physics.  Which conservation law (state the whole law)?  Does this lab succeeded?
3) What are the units for momentum?  What are the units for impulse?  Prove that the two units are equal to each other. 

Restate purpose
List your claim about the purpose (include relationship found and formula)
Explain why your claim is right (or wrong).  Use data from graph and your understanding of law of conservation of momentum.
List reasons for Error.