Algebra 1 Prerequisites

The following videos are a review of 8th grade math, as well as Pre-Algebra, and should be reviewed in order to be successful in Algebra 1.

1.1 Writing algebraic expressions from words
1.3 Finding absolute value
1.4 Identifying independent and dependent variables
1.4 Determining a reasonable domain and range for a situation
1.4 Writing a rule from a table
1.5 Making a scatter plot
1.5 Using scatter plots and trend lines to make predictions
1.6 Finding mean, median and mode(s)
1.6 Finding range and using it to compare the spread of 2 sets of data
1.6 Making a stem-and-leaf plot
2.1 Adding rational numbers
2.1 Adding rational numbers to solve problems
2.2 Subtracting rational numbers
2.2 Evaluating algebraic expressions with rational numbers
2.3 Multiplying rational numbers
2.3 Dividing real numbers
2.4 Simplifying algebraic expressions with exponents
2.5 Identifying properties of real numbers
2.5 Using properties of real numbers
2.6 Finding experimental probability
2.6 Finding theoretical probability
2.7 Finding the probability of dependent events
2.7 Finding the probability of independent events
3.1 Solving a two-step equation
3.1 Writing and solving two-step equations
3.2 Solving multi-step equations using distributive property
3.2 Solving multi-step equations by combining like terms
3.3 Solving equations with variables on both sides
3.4 Converting rates using unit or dimensional analysis
3.4 Solving proportions using cross products
3.4 Solving multi-step proportions
3.4 Comparing unit rates
3.5 Using similar figures to find indirect measurement
3.5 Using proportion to find unknown length in similar figures
3.5 Finding distances on maps using scale
3.6 Consecutive integer problems3.6 Solving distance, rate, time problems
3.8 Simplify square roots of rational numbers
3.8 Estimating square roots of rational numbers
3.9 Using the Pythagorean Theorem to find the hypotenuse
3.9 Using the Pythagorean Theorem to find the leg
3.9 Using the Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem