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Dress Code / Personal Appearance

        Dress and Grooming #221

The Board has the authority to impose limitations on students' dress in school. The Board will not interfere with the right of students and their parents/guardians to make decisions regarding their appearance, except when their choices disrupt the educational program of the schools or constitute a health or safety hazard.


Students may be required to wear certain types of clothing while participating in physical education classes, technical education, extracurricular activities, or other situations where special attire may be required to ensure the health or safety of the student.



Students are subject to the following dress code and personal appearance code.

  1. Clothing displaying and/or promoting drug use, alcohol, tobacco products, sexual innuendoes, profane gestures or profanity is not acceptable.
  2. Clothing which is revealingly tight, revealingly torn, or revealingly tattered is unacceptable.
  3. No clothing may purposely expose undergarments.
  4. Hats or head coverings may not be worn inside the building
    • special exceptions may be made for school-authorized events
  5. Top wear may not expose the mid-section of the body.
  6. Safe footwear which will not mark/damage school property must be worn.

Violations of this dress code shall be applied through progressive disciplinary action. Students who do not comply with dress regulations will be denied access to programs until they meet the published requirements.


The list above is not all inclusive:  The building principal has the right to determine if clothing is appropriate for the educational atmosphere and the safety of the student(s).  Students who are deemed in violation of dress code will be asked to change immediately. If alternate clothing is not attained by the student the school will: 1). Provide clothing, 2). Ask the student to call parent/guardian for a change of clothes 3). Send the student home.